Skinny Soup Base Paste


This concentrated soup base is made from real vegetables, herbs and spices. This gives it a richer and more robust flavor than ordinary bouliions. It has no msg, low in fat and ½ less sodium than ordinary reduced salt bouillons. This is a convenient and healthier alternative to ordinary bouillons. Best paired with skinny carbs for a guiltless and healthy noodle soup dish.

Health Benefits:

  • Made out of reduced malunggay, turmeric, cloves and basil
  • No msg
  • ½ less sodium than regular bouillons
  • Less calories than regular bouillons
  • Gluten free
  • No artificial flavoring
  • No preservatives

SWAP to regular bouillons and other marinade or soup bases for a flavorful gourmet meal. Best with skinny carbs as the soup base for a low calorie meal.



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