Skinny Seasoning (450ml)


Liquid Protein Aminos Concentrate

Made from USDA selected soybeans. This condiment is naturally fermented to give you a distinct “UMAMI” flavor which is full bodied and healthy.

Now you can enjoy this guiltless condiment to season your food while cooking or at your table.

Health Benefits:

  • Gluten free
  • Certified non–gmo
  • 1.16 calorie per serving as opposed to reduced sodium soysauce which is 15–25 calories
  • Contains 16 amino acids
  • No table salt; sodium from naturally fermented soy beans
  • No preservatives or added coloring
  • 10x more anti oxidants than red wine
  • Contains oligosaccharides which support the growth of “friendly” bacteria in our digestive system

SWAP to regular or reduced sodium soy sauce and other all liquid seasoning products for a flavorful substitute.



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Weight 450 g


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